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If you want to dive Gotham Divers can make it happen! We have a full range of classes from complete beginner through deep wreck diving ninja. We offer classes through PADI, RAID, SSI, SDITDI.

For those who have never dove before and want to get certified it’s simple to get started, just sign up for Open Water class and pool from the list below and then contact us for the next available sessions. Sessions run weekly.

Check out our classes in the list below. If you don’t see the class you need give us a call, the chances are we just forgot to put it in the list!



With SSI, Advanced Diver status is awarded when you have logged 25 dives and completed four specialty courses. You can choose any four from below except First Aid & CPR or Oxygen Provider (since these are non-diving courses). If you completed Drysuit and/or Nitrox from the section above those count towards the four.


We also offer PADI Advanced Open Water which you can also choose below



Be prepared for those unexpected emergencies. The Diver Stress & Rescue and rescue diver programs will teach you about accident prevention and how to handle situations that might occur. You will learn how to avoid, recognize, and solve problems on the surface and underwater. Enhance your safety! As a prerequisite for certification you need to have a valid CPR, First Aid & Oxygen Provider certificate.

Master Diver rating is awarded when you have completed Advanced Diver, logged 50 dives and completed the Stress & Rescue specialty.

This is the highest achievement possible at the recreation level.


There’s a whole underwater world that lies beyond recreation limits. Whether you want to dive deeper, longer or begin exploring inside shipwrecks we can help you achieve your dream.

Dives accompanying these course are subject to fees depending on location, fills and boat charter fees. To complete these classes locally in one season it is recommended to start in the spring. We can also conduct the dives on a trip lasting one to two weeks. No matter what time of year we can accommodate schedules with customized classroom dates. Please call for details.


Want to share your love of diving with others or turn it into a way to make some extra money?PADI and SSI’s dive leadership programs will teach you how to lead dives, assist in classes and eventually become a fully fledged instructor.

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