We train  PADI, RAID, SSI and SDI all worldwide recognized agencies. The choice is yours!

Your first steps toward becoming a fully certified Open Water Diver are the classroom and pool sessions (Open Water class and pool). Most people planning dive vacations out-of-town complete these sections of the course locally in order to avoid spending their vacation time in a classroom.

Home Study (8-10 hours) – At your own pace, read and complete the Online Open Water Diver course.

Classroom (2-3 hours. Sessions held Monday evenings at 6:30pm) – A GD instructor will demonstrate the basics of SCUBA equipment and you will learn how to rig up your dive gear. Our instructors are experts in the science and art of diving, and we encourage you to ask questions, and to keep asking questions. Knowledgeable divers are safe divers, and safe diving is fun diving.

Pool (3-4 hours. Sessions held Thursday evenings at 6:30pm) – Now we’re ready to hit the water for the first time! In a safe and controlled environment, you will bring what you’ve learned above water, underwater! Here you will gain practical experience using your gear and maneuvering safely with it underwater. GD instructors will teach you the skills required for Open Water certification and to dive safely with a qualified buddy. Once signed up for this course you are welcome to return to the pool as often as you like, for free during any scheduled class. Our students have taken advantage of this option to hone their skills so that their Open Water course is a breeze and to ensure the most enjoyable diving experiences in SCUBA adventures.

To complete your training, all you will need is to successfully complete four Open Water dives ( Open Water checkout dives) which can be accomplished over the course of one weekend, or longer, if preferred. Under the patient and attentive guidance our expert instructors, you will be led through the skills previously acquired in the pool, now at a depth of 25ft. You will have the opportunity to practice buoyancy skills at a typical recreational diving depth (up to 60ft), learn the basics of underwater navigation, and become more comfortable in the open water.

SCUBA diving is a physical activity. Therefore, in order to participate in any class, you must maintain a reasonable level of health and fitness. You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to any in-water training. Some medical conditions are incompatible with diving but most simply require consultation with a medical professional.

If completing Part 2 out of town or on vacation referral paperwork will be issued to you.

Choose between:

PADI or SSI/RAID/SDI $45 off ($600)