At Gotham Divers we understand that diving gear is life-support equipment. As such, we only carry the highest quality brands. We also know how confusing choosing SCUBA gear can be and we encourage you to ask questions, and to keep asking questions. Knowledgeable divers are safe divers, and safe diving is fun diving.

Our instructors are experts in the science and art of diving and are here to help customize your personal SCUBA system for the best fit and function.

Gotham Divers understands that money saved means more for SCUBA adventure so we will match any competitor’s price.

Gotham Divers is proud to carry gear from these awesome companies:

  • Halcyon
  • DUI
  • Bare
  • Cressi
  • Zeagle
  • Light & Motion
  • Light Monkey
  • Liquivision
  • Oceanic
  • Mares
  • Nautilus Lifeline

Gear Rental

Owning your own SCUBA gear makes diving more comfortable, fun and ultimately saves you money. However, until you own, Gotham Divers can rent you any items you need for your diving adventures. Even better, if you purchase your SCUBA gear from us, we will apply your rental fees up to 25% of the cost of the gear.

All rentals must be paid in full in advance. A deposit may be required for more exotic rentals.

   Rental Pricing PDF


We service most SCUBA equipment

Since SCUBA gear is life-support equipment it is wise to have your complete SCUBA system checked every year. Our technicians can test all your gear and quickly do minor repairs on site.

SCUBA tanks require yearly visual inspections and hydrostatic testing every 5 years. Gotham Divers can send your tanks to a DoT certified centre for hydrostatic testing and can VIP and clean the tanks in our store workshop.

If you are interested we can also teach you how to inspect gear and clean tanks. After learning the ropes, regular customers are welcome to use our workshop to service their personal SCUBA gear for a reduced cost.

   Repair Pricing PDF

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