We’re headed out this Wednesday to the wreck of the Coimbra with Captain Neal Stark, on the Sidekick. The boat will leave dock at 7AM sharp, so please arrive at least 30 minutes early to provide enough time for gear loading.

You will be required to show your C-card and sign the boat waiver, as well as the Gotham Divers charter waiver if you haven’t already done so, available here.

Please bring $225 cash for the boat fee, plus tip. We will be collecting at dock.

The dock is located at Windswept Marina, in East Moriches. Here is a map: https://goo.gl/maps/f9Cfo.

Here is a link to the Sidekick’s website: http://www.soggybottomdivingllc.com.

If you need help finding the place or if any other issues arise, you can call or text Clarissa at 347.581.1688, or email info@gothamdivers.com.

If you need fills or rentals, please let Tim know ASAP. He can be reached at 212.780.0879, or tim@gothamdivers.com.

Feel free to respond with any questions/concerns. Looking forward to seeing you all on the boat!