Date: August 19, 2017
Time: 6:00 am  to  4:00 pm

So we’re headed out this Saturday with Captain Tom McCarthy on the Tempest. Here are the need-to-knows:

Captain Tom requires that you sign his waiver. Here is a link to it:!liability-release/cwiw

The boat will leave dock at 6AM sharp, so please arrive at least 30 minutes early to provide enough time for gear loading.

If there’s room in the marina driveway, you can unload from there so you have a shorter walk to the boat, but ultimately, park your car on the street outside of the marina.

You are responsible for loading and unloading your own gear. The crew will assist on the the boat as needed. They may be a bit hands off because they are accustomed to tec divers that typically prefer not to be messed with, but these are the best guys ever and they are always happy to help, so feel free to ask.

Load tanks/breathers onto the metal tables on the deck, make sure they’re bungied in and your gear/stages can go underneath on the shelf and floor. Coolers get shoved into corners near the sink and garbage bin. Dry gear can get tossed in the cabin. Find yourself a cuddle space inside and enjoy the ride out!

You must provide your own food, beverage, and cooler and you are welcome to bring food to share. There is a propane grill on board, so feel free to bring any grillables, except Bubba Burgers. They’re not allowed. Be sure to bring along your c-card, as the captain/crew may ask to see them.

Be prepared to tell the crew your anticipated runtime. Please do not exceed your runtime! This causes the captain and crew undue stress and can interfere with other folks’ dives. 

For all of you open circuit people, please do not bring any mix richer than 28%. There is always a chance that we won’t make our intended wreck, and if we end up diving something deeper, you could be SOL…

Please bring cash for the boat fee (see below for price), plus tip. I will be collecting cash when you return to dock. Suggested tip for crew is at least 20%.

If you need fills or rentals, please let Tim know ASAP. He can be reached at 212.780.0879, or

Here is where the marina is:

Here is a link to the Tempest website:

Here is a link to a nearby bagel shop if anyone wants breakfast or coffee:, and there are also two 7-11’s on the way to the marina, where you can pick up ice and scary sandwiches.

Finally, if there is a question about the ocean forecast, please know that we are in frequent touch with the Captain, and will let you know at the earliest possible moment if there are any updates and/or if the boat is canceled.


Additional Information

Destination: USS San Diego
Depth: 115′
Price: $130
Departure: 6AM